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About DaySpring
About DaySpring

Contact Us

Help us respond more efficiently to your questions or comments by selecting an appropriate link below. Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page before sending an e-mail. It's very likely your question will be answered there.

DaySpring Products

if you have a comment, question, or issue regarding DaySpring products, please contact DaySpring Customer Service.

Messages of Thanks or Encouragement

Tell us your story of how DaySpring has touched your life! A word of encouragement from a site visitor inspires and ministers to the team here more than you realize. Thank you for taking the time to bless us.

Website Issues

if you have questions or problems related to the DaySpring web site, let us know about them! Due to the tremendous amount of activity on our web site, our staff is unable to respond individually to every message. However, your message will be read by the appropriate person. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, and your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your patience as we work to make our free web site a better experience for every user.

Also be sure to read our FAQ. It has the answers to many of the most commonly asked questions we get.


DaySpring Customer Service will be happy to get your suggestions on how DaySpring can improve our web site or our products, and how we can serve you better! Although we can't respond to each suggestion, rest assured that all suggestions will be reviewed by the appropriate people at DaySpring. Thanks!

Retail Partners

if you are a DaySpring Retail Partner, please visit our Retailer Services web site for information about your specific account. If you are interested in becoming a DaySpring retailer, click here for our guidelines.

Become a DaySpring Retailer

Click Here to learn more about becoming a DaySpring retailer.

Business Development Requests

Questions about business partnership opportunities with DaySpring should be directed to DaySpring Business Development.

Art and Editorial Submissions

On occasion, DaySpring will use freelance or licensed writing. Please review our editorial guidelines and InStructions for submitting your work for our consideration.

DaySpring is currently not accepting any unsolicited product or art submission. We consider it a compliment that you thought of DaySpring and pray the Lord will provide another window of opportunity for your ideas.

Employment Questions

Open positions are listed on the employment opportunities page. Contact DaySpring's Human Resources department with any questions about employment opportunities.

International Information

Questions about international distribution of DaySpring products should be directed to our International Service department.

Permission Request to use DaySpring Art, Writings or Material

Written permission is required to reprint or reproduce copyrighted material by DaySpring. If you would like to use DaySpring art, writings or materials found on DaySpring.com, please read the Instructions available on this page.

Where to Buy DaySpring Products

To find a store near you that sells DaySpring products, visit our Retailer Locator. To shop online, visit our online store.