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About DaySpring
About DaySpring

Customer Testimonials

Read what others are saying about the encouraging messages from DaySpring:

I just received word that my brother--whom I have been praying for over the past 36 years-- has decided to seek treatment for alcoholism after his live-in of 23 years left him, and he nearly lost his job. I looked to DaySpring and Roy Lessin (we never need to be without hope) for the right way to encourage him to seek Jesus, and give him Scriptures to read the encouragement he'll need for the time ahead. Thank you for sensitive cards for ministry at timely moments.

Ellen, Montana

Hi. Writing from the UK. I use your e-cards all the time. Thanks for not inundating us out here with unwanted material like other companies do. Thanks for being such a powerful Christian presence on the Net and thanks for providing the highest quality e-cards I've found - and free of charge!! This is really to say I just found "Trials and Tests" (Encouragement section). It's superb! Its interesting to watch and hits exactly the right note and level of humour (the little sigh towards the end is fab!)... I specially like the allusion to the Armour of Christ in the "Loading Bay" (as I think of it!) More like this please!

I am new to your site and it has been ajoy and blessing. I recently made a cross country move and only know a few friends here. I am on disability and at home all day. All my friends work and it gets lonely at times, but I recently found your web site and have spent time viewing your web movies and e-cards. I know I am truly where God wants me to be at this point in my life, and am currently waiting on His direction. Finding your site has given me peace and the knowledge that I am never alone. Thanks for following His lead. I look forward to spending time and using your site. Your sister in Christ,


I just saw your line of "Fresh Faith" cards at my local drug store (Kinney Drugs in Essex Junction, VT) today and I had to write to say thank you! So rare to find so many choices of really good (or any!) Christian cards in one place! I love this line of cards, and bought 5 of them just to show them to my co-workers (I am on staff at a church)! You are truly doing Kingdom work--may our Lord continue to bless and grow this ministry! In His service,

Colleen, Vermont

Dear Dayspring....I just received the framed Bible KJV page this evening and it is absolutely stunning! It is so much more beautiful than expected.... I am ordering another one for a Christmas gift. Thank you for the free shipping and the great sale price! God Bless your ministry.

Connie, Kansas

I am recovering from a totally devastating family medical and financial hardship. This web site has been just what I needed. Besides being able to send my dear niece, who just had surgery, a free e-card, I had the chance to get something unexpected- spiritual food. Timothy was right: EVERY good and perfect gift is from above. Your ministry is alive and well! I look forward to the day soon when I can buy from you. No one can love you like Jesus, but I can send warm Christian hugs.


Dear Dayspring, I don't often write to companies to thank them for doing their job, but I was so impressed with your e-cards, that I had to stop and say thanks. My ministry is to encourage others in their walk, and I look for good e-card sites. I was discouraged with the main card shops, and entertainment sites, because it seemed that anything that had meaning had a price tag, and those I could send for free were shallow and without good content. Then I found the Guideposts site during my Bible studies, and saw the link for the cards. When I entered the encouragement area, the first e-card I chose, I was so impressed, I immediately sent it to several people.

Then I looked at all ten pages of the encouragement cards, and found that everyone of them were of the same high quality, each with a wonderful message, and all could be sent for free. I could hardly believe my good fortune. Since then, I have visited your site every day, and have prayed that God would direct me to send the right card to the right persons. Your site has been a real blessing to me, and I've only been visiting it for one week! Thank you for your faithfulness in creating such beautiful, meaningful e-cards. May God continue to bless you in your ministry to others. Sincerely in Christ,


"..He who waters will himself be watered" (Proverbs 11) along with your Dayspring Card words "The more we pour out, the more He pours in! His well never runs dry" gave me the reawakening I needed to begin again. Born, raised, and devout Catholic, I despaired over my plight in late-life (I'm now 58) because I lost sight of His Own way of doing things. I have always served him well and could not understand (fully) why my life was falling apart around me. He has something in mind for me (only He knows darnit) and without that little Dayspring Card art laminate ... I almost caused my own death through self pity and stupidity. All those words from all those loving people in my life would have gone to waste as well as caused pure pain to Dad, Mom, and all my brothers and sisters and friends, etc., etc. I came that close. Thank God for your ministry.

Richard, Texas

Dear Bro-in-Christ. I was very much blessed by the cards which I started using very recently by some one whom in know had sent the card. As a Indian Christian we dont have any biblical e-card to use spiritually, praise God! for this DaySpring cards is very much encouraging, it gives comfort to send with spiritually based. Personally I am very much blessed. Now a days I am making use of these cards to encourage others in my church ministry. May God bless you and use your ministry much more ways for His sake.

Wesley, India

"Therefore encourage one another..."   - I THESSALONIANS 5:11 NIV

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